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In 2010, National Society of Pershing Angels hosted their first annual 5K Walk for Wounded Warriors in four locations across the southeast, Baltimore, MD at Hanlon Park, Washington, DC at Rock Creek Park, Chesterfield, VA at Pocahontas State Park and Atlanta, GA at Arabia Mountain Park.

One key component for this walk is to launch a national social awareness in our communities about our organization and to be a voice for the women currently fighting for our country. Many Americans know that we still are fighting a war but are unaware that 15% percent of our Soldiers’ in combat are women. Proceeds that are raised for this charity walk will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project to benefit the warriors that are wounded and need a helping hand.

For more information about the Pershing Angels 5K Walk, contact the National Public Affairs Officer (publicaffairs@pershingangels.org)